Kitchen & Furniture Pricing

We pride ourselves on being open about our pricing strategies as we believe this
leads to better working relationships with our clients. We have pricing brackets
to suit most budgets because we can customise the specification on every job-
making it truly bespoke. All our hardware is of the highest quality. We use the
best soft close hinges and runners as standard, with integrated lighting and
motion sensors seamlessly hidden. In the workshop, we use both standard and
the highest quality veneers, solid hardwood and softwoods, leathers, technical
boards and laminates. We have limitless finishes including eco-friendly spray-
paints , oils and waxes among many others. We can make furniture to suit all
your needs!

Small Kitchens/Flats and Apartments

£7000 - £14,000

With our design expertise, we are uniquely placed to make the most of any challenging space. We are of the opinion that no space is too small or awkward to transform into a beautiful and practical part of the home.

Large Kitchen and Kitchen/Utilities

£15,000 - £37,0000

At Murray & Ball, we have a passion for creating beautiful and practical furniture that will stand the test of time. If you come to us with a large kitchen project, then you will be able to take advantage of our time tested expertise in design, client relations, logistics and organisation. We will agree a time slot as soon as we can and will deliver to you come rain or shine. This will allow you to then get on with the important part... Getting to use your beautiful new furniture in your home!

Fitted Wardrobes

£1,300 - £2,000 per unit

Due to the bespoke nature of our work, we can provide wardrobes to suit even the most awkward spaces. Make use of our surveying and design service to get the best out of your bedroom. Our wardrobes can either stand out as a feature in your room or seamlessly camouflage with the walls depending on your preference. All are a pleasure to use on a daily basis as our hardware is of the highest quality.

Fitted Alcoves

£800 - £2000 per alcove

Alcoves can often be a very awkward space in the home that can either be done really well or really badly. We meticulously survey and plan in tolerances into our furniture which allows us to get great results on site. We can provide anything in our alcoves, floating shelves, TV & media units, libraries and also built-in wardrobes.

Feature Pieces

Prices Vary

Occasionally we get approached to produce beautiful feature pieces of furniture for clients. This is the part of our work that we love! It allows us to use our design skills yet if a client approaches with an idea fully developed then it allows us to work with some of the finest materials and processes to realise their vision.