Kitchen And Furniture Design

Frank heads up the design side of Murray and Ball but the process
is a collaboration between all parties. The client and their needs are always at
the centre of this. We find that people want to use our services in a
different way each time. Many have very definite ideas about how they want

their finished product to look before they contact us so it’s merely a case of

interpreting and providing a visualisation of what is already in their mind.

Others come to us with more indefinite ideas of style and design but know
how they want their space to function- be it a kitchen or another piece of

furniture.  For this type of client, we are able to use our expertise to guide them

through the process. We are confident in our abilities as problem solvers

both practically and aesthetically. We encourage clients to share with us their

photos, colour swatches, Pinterest boards and even that ceramic tile you picked

up on holiday to allow us to design and create a truly bespoke piece of furniture.

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