About Us

In 2013, friends Nick and Frank started renting a small shed in St.Werburghs,
Bristol with a view to establishing a bespoke furniture company. They were far
from glamorous beginnings- the winters were about survival and keeping the
glue warm! Rain coming through gaps in a corrugated roof and limited
machinery didn’t stop us from producing quality bespoke items for our
clients. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since then! We love what we do
and feel grateful to be able to come into our workshop and work on high
quality furniture every day. Growing a small business from scratch is an
extremely rewarding task. We are still striving to move the company forward
and at least our roof isn’t leaking anymore!


Frank Murray

I studied Product Design at Sheffield Hallam University, I thrived in the creative atmosphere there and was fortunate to be individually selected by David Mellor to work at his amazing cutlery manufacturing centre in the Peak District where I learnt vast amounts about design integrity and attention to detail. Shortly after, I got a job as the Head Designer for Neville Johnson Furniture creating their new ranges of furniture and getting an insight into the world of furniture. After moving to Bristol, I started to work for Moon Design and Build as a site manager. This is where I met Nick and we learnt about delivering high quality designed projects in the Bristol area.

I have always had a love for craftsmanship and real design which I interpret as not just plucking ideas from obscurity but delivering solutions to individual people’s problems. Seeing and hearing their reaction to the results is incredibly pleasing, I don’t think that will ever get old! I see what has become the standard fitted kitchen (blocky boxes against walls) fading away to make way for more innovative, less constrained designs and materials. I hope this will pave the way for a new breed of designers and craftspeople to thrive.

If I were to design my own kitchen, it would be incredibly practical and perhaps a little rough around the edges. I enjoy things being out on show and easy to access with shelves, open base units and lots of solid wood. For me, I like a piece of furniture to be unapologetic about its construction process and with all its assets on show.

Nick Ball

My background is in Fine Art. After graduating from the University of Gloucestershire, I worked with artist Damien Hirst in his Stroud studio- realising his incredible artworks. This was an amazing experience and one I will never forget. It taught me the value of minute attention to detail.

After establishing myself in Bristol, I went on to work for Moon Design and Build where I joined the workshop team creating one-off pieces of furniture for their projects. Here, I worked alongside skilled craftsmen which helped me to further my skills as a maker. It was also at Moon that I found my passion for making bespoke furniture. I enjoyed the entire process, from selecting beautiful materials and crafting them into bespoke pieces to installing the finished articles and seeing people’s reactions to their products.

I’ve always enjoyed being creative and transforming raw materials into something that can make a difference to someone’s day to day life. For me, making bespoke furniture has become part of my life and it’s a joy to be involved in.

If I were to pick a word to describe my dream kitchen, it would be ‘functional’. I’d love to use indestructible materials for the worktops and carcassing. I am a real fan of cooking so I want everything to be accessible. I like utensils to get used and not hide away in a corner somewhere. It would be full of drawers and open shelving and have a mixture of marble and timber finishes. An island unit as a central feature would serve to make the cooking process more sociable.

When we first started out on this journey, we wanted to focus on giving our
clients everything they needed from their furniture whilst ensuring that the
process was as stress-free as possible. We still use this as the main focus and
feel it sets us apart from the competition. We will go to great lengths to make
sure our client's expectations are met and more importantly that they are
happy with the product. Whether it’s our initial meetings, producing designs or
developing furniture for manufacture- we will lead you through process with ease.

Since starting out, we have been slowly establishing our Bristol based business
and are always looking for ways to expand and take on exciting projects.
With this steady growth, we have had the opportunity to take on some amazing
makers and craftsmen and feel we have created a fantastic, fun and creative team.

Our Team

Our Shop

We are very proud of our central Bristol workshop. We feel we have created an efficient
and friendly environment in which quality craftsmanship can thrive and attention to detail is top
of the list. We also believe that there is no project too small, large or complicated and no deadline
that can not be reasonably met.

Our workshop is well stocked and equipped with all the best machinery and highest quality hand tools
we need to make your project a reality. All of our materials are responsibly sourced and with our
ability to spray ecological paints we ensure our kitchens and furniture has as little impact on the environment
as possible.

We're an accommodating team. Please feel free to come down and chat to us about any upcoming
projects. If you choose us, we would be pleased for you to visit at any stage throughout the